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The complete guide: how to create a professional Instagram account

Gino Gutierrez
by Gino Gutierrez
Published on 24 July, 2018

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Instagram has 800 million users, and its community is growing especially among young people. It’s certainly a blessing for professionals who want to reach young customers and promote their businesses through social media.

Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to creating a professional Instagram account that helps your business.

Why should I create an Instagram account?

In the United Kingdom, more than 17 million people use this application every month, and almost half of them are following company accounts.

Why is it so successful?

Instagram stands out from other social media platforms for its focus on photographic and video content.

This highly visual platform allows professionals to deliver more compelling content than other social networks. A good example is National Geographic, whose magnificent pictures and stories are highly appreciated by users.

Other campaigns launched by brands like Samsung, Airbnb or Nintendo have tapped into the visual potential of the platform while inviting their followers to join the community.

How do I create an Instagram account?

Start by downloading the Instagram app onto your mobile, which is compatible with both Android and iOS. Sign up with an email address, a phone number or directly through your Facebook profile (Instagram is owned by Facebook since 2012).

Complete your profile, then go to settings: click on ‘Go to professional profile’ to set it up with the characteristics of a company (you must have a professional Facebook page beforehand).

There are some differences between the functionalities of the company and individual profiles on Instagram: through your professional profile, your Eftpos terminals are just a click away for Internet users, and you have access to detailed statistics about your account activity (number of visits, impressions, subscriptions, clicks on the website, subscriber demographics, etc.).

Don’t forget to indicate the URL of your small business in the biography of your professional website.

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How do I keep my account active?

Have you created an Instagram account for your business?

Well, now it’s time to start publishing content. Think about the editorial line you want to give to your account. What content you would like to share?

Most companies mainly publish images of their products. However, if you offer a service and not a product, there are other ways to keep your account alive.

You can offer tips in videos related to your activity (such as DIY tips, if you’re into construction or similar), inspirational quotes, customer testimonials, or photos of your achievements (for example, original haircuts if you have a hair salon).

You can also add a lettering and relevant hashtags to your content to invite your followers to learn more. Use keywords that match your business and the brand image you are looking for.

You can add about 30 hashtags, but the specialists agree that it’s best to use up to 11 to maximize your visibility.

Finally, if it is not possible to add a link directly to your Instagram posts, you can use your biography to redirect your guests to your website’s home page.

To do this, use a link reducer such as link.tree to customize a link to your website. In your post, just invite your followers to check your profile link to get more information.

How do I increase visibility?

Once you have created an Instagram account, there is a quick (but more expensive) way to give your profile more visibility.

Access the ‘Promote’ feature that allows you to display ads on the platform. You can increase the visibility of a post or create campaigns from the Ad Manager according to your marketing objectives.

Another trick is simply to post content from other users. Use an Instagram application like Regrammer or InstaRepost, just don’t forget to give credit to its author!

Finally, don’t hesitate to log in and follow other professional accounts in order to benefit from the visibility of your community. Traffic is organic, so be patient and watch your stats maximize your chances of being seen.

Gino Gutierrez
Gino Gutierrez
Gino Gutiérrez is a writer, editor and content strategist. He has published several of his works, both in literature and in short film script format, and has worked as a journalist interviewing major Hollywood actors.

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