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How To Set Up Facebook Sync on Your UENI Page

The UENI Content Team
by The UENI Content Team
Published on 21 December, 2020
A Person Browsing Facebook on a Laptop

One of the most exciting features we rolled out for our Plus and Reputation Customers this year was the ability to sync their products with Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

When done correctly, this allows your products to appear on these platforms and lead users directly back to your website – when it comes to Facebook, this means that you can seamlessly integrate your products with the Facebook Marketplace, which can increase your conversion rate.

What Do I Need To Start?

First off, before you sync your products with Facebook, you’ll need to make sure your products have prices, images, and the ‘show payment button’ active.

Not sure if yours qualify? Take a look at our guide on how to get the most out of your products, this will help you set yourself up for success.

Once you’re confident that your products are listed exactly as you would like them to be, you’re ready to start syncing your Products with Facebook.

Ideally you will want to be on a desktop or laptop computer when you do this, rather than your phone.

How Do I Sync My UENI Products With Facebook

  1. Head to the Editor
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Then click on Shopping Cart 
  4. Then click on Product Sync

Once you click on Product Sync, you should be on a screen that looks like this one:

UENI Facebook Sync, Step 2

You will want to click the blue Connect With Facebook button to proceed. Once you click that button, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you want to continue. Like this:

UENI Facebook Sync, Step 2

Click Connect with Facebook to continue

After you click Connect with Facebook, you will be taken to Facebook and asked if you want to authorise UENI to access your account.

This happens in two steps – in essence, Facebook is making sure that this is you, and that you want to sync your business to a Facebook Business Account.

You will see two screens here: the first one, on the left in the image below, will ask you to log in. The one on the right will ask you if you want to authorise UENI to work on your page.

UENI Facebook Sync, Steps 3 and 4

Click Continue and then OK to proceed.

After this step, there are two paths you can take depending on whether or not you have a Facebook Business Account set up already.

You Do Not Have A Facebook Business Account

If you do not have a Facebook Business Account, you can create one through the UENI Editor:

UENI Facebook Sync, No Business Built

Please note that we will use all of the business information from your website to do this for you, so make sure all your details are correct!

You Do Have A Facebook Business Account

If you do have a Facebook Business Account, you will be able to select it like so:

UENI Facebook Sync, Business Account Already Active

Once you have your Business Account sorted, you’ll need to create or select the Facebook Page for your Business:

UENI Facebook Sync, Business Page Already Active

If you have more than one Facebook page, select the relevant one, and click Continue.

If you don’t have one yet, you can create one by selecting Create New on this screen:

UENI Facebook Sync, Business Page Not Active

Once you click Create, you’ll be brought to a Facebook Page Creation Screen that will look like this:

Facebook Create A Page 1024x614

Once you finish that page, click Create Page and you will be returned to the UENI screen. Once you’ve finished that, and the sync is under way, you should see this screen:

UENI Facebook Sync Success!

You’re all set! Please allow a few minutes for Facebook to verify your Shop.

When your Shop is approved, you’ll get an email from Facebook that will look something like this:

A Facebook Business Account Email

What Do I Need To Do After Verification?

Congratulations! Once your shop has been verified, you’re very nearly ready to get going. There are a couple of things you’ll need to do on the Facebook side to ensure that everything is properly synced.

After this, it’s smooth sailing. We promise.

Once your website has been synched successfully, go back to your Product Sync section (In the UENI Editor, navigate to Settings, Shopping Cart, and then Product Sync). You’ll see that your Facebook settings should have changed.

1. Click Configure Facebook Shop

Facebook Configure Facebook Shop

2. Then, click on Go to Shops

Facebook Go To Shops 1024x761

You should be in the Facebook Shop Wizard, which will look like this:

Facebook Shop Wizard 1024x584

When you get to the second step, Choose Checkout Method, Please select Checkout on another Website then click Next:

Facebook Shop Wizard Small 2

In the third step, select the correct Business Manager Page, as seen below:

FaceBook Business Manager Selection 1024x582

At this point, Facebook will ask you to confirm your email address. Enter it and push Submit.

When you get to the Add Products Step, select the UENI Product Catalog:

Facebook Product Select 1024x549

Last but not least, you’ll find yourself on the Preview Page. Make sure all the information is correct, then click on Finish Setup (the blue button in the bottom right):

Facebook Finish Setup 1024x582

Congratulations! Your UENI website is now synched with your Google Shop.

Time to break out the champagne, you’ve earned it.

Something Went Wrong

We have seen some situations where the sync process will fail. While we try our best to solve these issues, we have seen that there are sometimes failures in two areas:

  • You tried to enable Facebook Sync, but UENI cannot sync with Facebook because of problems with the business creation.
  • You tried to enable Facebook Sync, but UENI cannot sync with Facebook because of problems with the page configuration.

In both of these cases, going back to the beginning and pushing Connect With Facebook usually fixes this issue. We apologise for any inconvenience, and we hope you never have to read this section.

Why Don’t I See My Changes?

Once your Facebook Shop is connected, you can make changes via: the Configure Facebook Shop:

A screenshot of the Facebook Connection Section

When you click that, you will be brought to Facebook’s Commerce interface and can customise your shop. When you’re finished customising it, save your changes by clicking Publish Now (the blue button in the bottom right corner)

Facebook Business Screenshot 2 1024x518

Sometimes you can click Publish Now after setting up your site in the Configuration Menu and you don’t see any changed. The Button may even be greyed out. This is what can happen if you try to edit the page while it is still under review from Facebook.

Once you get the approval email from Facebook, you will see that all of your products are in place, dynamically loaded from the Catalog you selected, like so:

A Screenshot of a Facebook Shop Ready To Go

So, if you get to the end and nothing looks like it’s happening, don’t worry. Your shop might still be under review.

The UENI Content Team
The UENI Content Team
The UENI Content Team are committed to helping get small businesses online. We speak over six languages, hail from four different continents, and have helped thousands of businesses all over the world boost their visibility and sales by getting online the right way.

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