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Outside Signs For Businesses: Even in 2019, They Still Matter

by Matt Reevy
Last Updated 5 June, 2019

Business storefront featuring prominent outdoor signage

Even though more and more consumers are looking for businesses online, having a high-quality outdoor sign for your brick and mortar business can’t be underestimated.

At UENI, we spend a lot of time talking up the importance of websites and online presence for small businesses. After all, the Internet isn’t going away any time soon, and being visible online is the best way for small businesses to make potential customers aware of their existence. That said, if you’re a business with a storefront, having an outside sign for your business is one of the key elements in making sure this leads to increased foot traffic.

The importance of an outdoor sign

How many times have you tried to find a store but – even though you’re standing right where it says on Google Maps – you’re unable to actually see the entrance?

Or, even worse – the business website you’ve seen online doesn’t match what you’re looking at in front of you. Like a bad online dating photo or Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the reality of the situation is very different from what’s been promised. This is potentially the worst case scenario, as a shoddy storefront or difficult-to-find space can (and will) actively dissuade potential customers from visiting your company at all, let alone buying or hiring you.

First impressions, whether online or in person, are still of the utmost importance when it comes to running a successful business, and even though it might seem antiquated, there are few things that do as far to impress people as a really great outdoor business sign.

If you’re a business that relies on your storefront, having a great outdoor sign is just as important as having a great business logo (if you’re lucky, the two can be nearly one and the same). After all, a sign is essentially an advertisement for your company that exists right outside the shop and broadcasts your business every hour of every day. As such, having a high-quality outdoor sign is a must.

How much do outdoor business signs cost?

Because there are so many options, styles, and materials available for business signage, it can be difficult to determine a baseline for cost – each company is different, and each business is going to require different elements to their sign. According to FitSmallBusiness a vinyl or plastic sign can cost anywhere between $3 – $9 (or about £2.40 – £7.00), while neon, rock, or awning signage will set you back hundreds, if not thousands.

This, then, leads us to the next essential element: how much should a sign like this cost?

How much should a business sign cost?

The answer, somewhat obnoxiously, is however much you feel it is worth it to pay. While an eye-catching and attractive sign is important for the reasons that we’ve detailed above, it doesn’t help you avoid the single biggest shortcoming of storefront advertising – it only works on potential customers who are physically in front of your store.

If you pair a great outside sign with an optimised business website, though, you’re getting the best of both worlds. Not only can people find you on Local SEO channels when they’re looking for a business like yours, but they’ll also be greeted by a great sign and (hopefully) a welcoming storefront. If your website has done a good job of honestly portraying how awesome your business is, the outside sign will act as a complementary bit of visual advertising.

Matt Reevy
Snowsports emeritus and lover of all things chilly, Matt's content writing and SEO work have garnered millions of page views, thousands of leads, and innumerable top SERP results in industries as varied as sportswriting, entertainment, real estate, and business insurance.
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