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UENI Website Examples – What You’ll Get With Us

Matt Reevy
by Matt Reevy
Published on 21 May, 2019
Woman pointing at a UENI example page on a laptop

While it takes a particular kind of entrepreneurial spirit to become a small business owner, no one wants to be taken for a ride. For a company like ours that helps to create an online presence for small to medium enterprises, We know people want to know what they’re getting before they sign up.

While it’s possible to get an idea from our new signup process, the fact remains that examples of UENI pages are in high demand.

For people who want to see what a fully-built UENI website looks like before they sign up, we’ve prepared a few example pages for you to check out. While they will have some similarities, we have made adjustments to show how our service can help many different kinds of businesses – from freelance creatives and contractors to shops and restaurants.

Wedding Photographer

An example of a UENI Wedding Photography business page

One of our most popular categories recently has been wedding photographers and no wonder: our default template does a wonderful job helping photographers showcase their portfolio and information.

A UENI page allows creative professionals like photographers and designers the ability to highlight their own work while also making it easy for potential customers to book a shoot, session, or consultation right from the page. With reviews, bookings, and the ability to display exactly what sort of services you offer, your business has everything it needs to stand out in the crowd.

Click here to explore our Wedding Photographer example page in more detail.

Tea House

A Tea House's Price List on UENI

What could be further from the busy life of a freelancer than the calm of a tea house? Even if you prefer something else, you’re probably aware that there are many different types of tea – and you can see why it’s quite important for a shop like this one to be able to advertise all of their offerings.

As you can see from the Tea House example page, a UENI page can feature a Price List, ideal for places like tea houses, coffee shops, or any other business offering a wide selection of regularly-available amenities and foods, rather than services. Of course, the price list is mobile-optimised to ensure your customers can actually read it.

When customers are investigating a restaurant, café, or takeaway/delivery service, they’re most interested in what’s on offer and how much everything costs. Our price list allows businesses to do exactly that.

Of course, this can also work for any sort of product or e-commerce business too, as it allows customers to know the cost for any one of your regular products.


A detail of a UENI example page's service sections

Our third example page illustrates yet another sort of service: one that offers a wide range of services that operate under one related category: Hairdressers. Every hairdresser, no matter if they’re in a salon or mobile, needs to be able to show off a swathe of skills – hair extensions should get equal billing with wedding hair, and both should be in different groups to more standard haircuts and stylings.

By breaking out our services into categories, we allow businesses like hairdressers or clothing shops or caterers to divide everything they offer into an easily understood listing on their website.

This way, you can highlight what you’d like and still display everything your business does – handy if you’re an appliance repairman who also offers DJ services on the side.

Matt Reevy
Matt Reevy
Snowsports emeritus and lover of all things chilly, Matt's content writing and SEO work have garnered millions of page views, thousands of leads, and innumerable top SERP results in industries as varied as sportswriting, real estate, insurance, and entertainment.

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